A Sampler

While sitting in a recently-opened bistro in Ann Arbor and trading criticisms about the hostess, we came to the realization that among the hundreds of restaurant review blogs, very few take the time to focus on the customer/service experience. We understand the need for reviewing food – people want to know what they’re getting into before they order – but as servers, we know food is only one ingredient in a very delicate recipe.

Although neither of us are veterans servers, we’ve quickly discovered what it takes to make the dining experience gratifying for the guest as well as the staff. What started as an idea for a service review blog quickly developed into a guide for fellow servers and those they serve. Our purpose is not only to give honest and accurate descriptions of dining experiences in the Ann Arbor area, but also to give insight into the life of a server. In this blog you will find service reviews, interesting anecdotes and complaints about all aspects of the Industry.

We’re really excited to embark on this journey and see where it takes us. This is our first project together, so bear with us while we work out the kinks. We intend to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but a server’s schedule is constantly shifting so we might be a day late every now and then.

We hope to see you back and don’t forget to tip your servers!
Arina & Tucker

One thought on “A Sampler

  1. I feel compelled to comment. I worked at aMa Bistro for about a month when it first opened. The owners were nice enough, but extremely naive. I have worked in restaurants for ten years in every position imaginable. aMa is number two on my top ten worst restaurant employment experiences. It was incredibly understaffed and the kitchen was super slow. We had no dishwasher or busser and about half the required dishes to set up the dining rooms. The owners were more concerned with buying TVs and keeping the dining floor clean than serving customers. We didn’t even have a credit card terminal. We were supposed to push mocktails that took a minimum of 5 minutes to make and just plain sucked. Something fishy is going on with the money, too. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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